Our understanding of being digital is changing.

When Brody in the movie "Jaws" sees the white shark

he utters only this one sentence:


In the digital age, brands, and companies

do not need a bigger boat.


For every company digitization means something different.

But everyone needs solutions in a world in which everyday life, culture, consumer behavior, dealing with media, and viewing habits change radically and rapidly.

CONTINUOUS NEXT means for companies to develop the digital architecture, brand and product story, and communication for brands and products in an extremely dynamic market.

Everyone is looking for the ideal combination of idea, product, and story.

Companies can use area42 to successfully develop their brands and products.

Brand story, digital architecture and production of communication for all media can be directly bundled.

area42 combines digital intelligence with creativity.

In are42 projects works an expert for the development and advancement of digital products for example directly with a film director,

who connects the brand or product with a story that reaches people emotionally.

area42 combines three essential areas for the success of a company:

the development of relevant content for brands and products, efficient digital solutions, and the megatrend of moving pictures in communication.

Digital Technology Experts, Film Directors, Producers, Web Designers, AI-, VR- and Augmented Reality Developers, Software Engineers ... can connect to each other through area42 and work together successfully for companies and brands.

Companies can use area42 for creating their own brand story,

to develop and enhance digital products, and

to develop ideas for relevant storytelling that reaches people emotionally.

Or area42 realizes the "whole story" for companies:

from the brand story, to the development of the digital product and to the production of communication for all digital channels.

Below a selection of the brands and companies area42 and the network partners have been working for:

If you want to find out if area42 is interesting

for your company, your brand, or your project … get in touch:

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